Every project is deeply unique and varies in size, budget, and complexity, but the following are some of the phases and corresponding work we that we often provide for our clients. We can find a solution and create a package for any vision on any budget. If you have questions or would like to explore what a solution for your needs may look like, click here to set up your free call. 

Conceptual Development & Strategy

We love to explore what's possible! Whether you are a parish exploring a use for a particular space or property, a campus ministry wanting to face outward and reach closer to the fringe, or a small academic community wanting a front door for your neighborhood, we can figure out how to make something beautiful happen. We get to know your ministry, community, dreams, and desires, then identify "anchor goods" to connect you to your local culture or a particular target group. Then, we can put together a plan to make it happen in your space, help you find a space, or just design a detailed concept to use for development. This begins on the phone or in web meetings, but usually includes 2-3 days on site. 

Specialized Consulting and Strategic Partners

We have seen this type of community built in many different contexts and for different ends. For that reason we have partnered with experts in various fields to help with aspects that might be outside of our wheelhouse. From youth ministry to Montessori, campus ministry to classical education, to bookselling, homeschooling, and even community gardens, we have a dedicated thought leader with serious experience in their sphere of expertise to help build a custom solution for your particular needs. Whatever you need, we can can get you on the phone or across the table from a person with the answers and insights. 


Branding and Concept Communication Tools

Once we have outlined the basic concept with you, we can begin to flesh out a more detailed brand strategy to communicate to donors, staff, and potential partners. This can include a detailed brand strategy, visual identity, concept sketches, detailed concept renderings, video, and a physical and virtual presentation book. We have created strategic partnerships with some of the best people and firms in the country to develop a custom solution for you and create stunning ways for you to communicate the vision. 

Menu & Operations Design

This is a very important step in the project of apostolic hospitality. Questions about the menu, watching the craft of beverage preparation, and the consumption of food and beverage all form the core of the interaction with your guest, especially early on in the relationship. This is where many of the "anchor goods" identified earlier get communicated and where conversation will take place on a frequent basis. The sourcing, pricing, preparation, and presentation of food and beverage form the core of how you "earn the right to be heard", and are the initial act of love and service performed for your guest. These decisions must be made with the full insight of theology, psychology, philosophy, supply chain knowledge, craft, design, and hospitality. This is also where most of the decisions about equipment and vendors begin to be finalized. Honestly, this is maybe the most important part and the part that most projects take least seriously. The difference between another great shop or an OK shop with a religious agenda vs. a true context for real encounter is made in this step. 

Space Design, Layout, and Build-out

Taking into account the overall concept for the project, the details of the branding strategy, and the menu, ops, and customer experience, we need to finalize and design an efficient and engaging home for this interaction to take place. We get granular on equipment choices, placement, workflow, customer flow, seating, lighting, etc. This stage yields diagrams and sketches to give to the architect and we will work with your architect and various contractors to make sure costly mistakes are avoided and your project comes to fruition in the way it was envisioned. We also have great architects as strategic partners specializing in everything from modern design to the reclamation and remodeling of traditional ecclesial spaces. This process takes place over phone, email, web meetings with screen sharing, and usually includes one onsite visit for the supervision of the installation of the millwork and the equipment, which can be coupled with a staff training and larger conference or retreat event. 

Staff Development and Training

Maybe the most rewarding thing we get to do is train the people on your staff who will dwell and work in this space and through whom God will bring people closer to Him. It is a privilege. We can help you select staff from a distance and even do interviews of potential candidates over web meeting for you, but once the staff is set the training takes place on site in person.  This training usually takes the form of a day or half day training the manager and shift leads alone, a half day retreat for the staff, followed by a team mass, dinner, and some time of Eucharistic Adoration. The following day, another group training happens in the morning, followed by each staff member going through one-on-one training on all operations in the cafe, with a heavy focus on espresso extraction, milk steaming, manual brewing, and Point of Sale best practices, along with direction regarding the spirituality of this type of work and interaction with people.  This second day usually ends with another mass, dinner, and a donor/fundraising event. This 2-4 days has been transformative in the life of some team members. 

Development Programs & Donor Relations

A project like a hospitality space can be done more affordably than many think, but some projects can become quite expensive. Either way, the high majority of these projects are non-profits and have to do fundraising campaigns and capital campaigns to make them happen. We have partnered with experts in the realm of fundraising, campaign management, and social media campaigns, and can help you raise the money you need to build your dream, large or small, simple or grand. Also, we can help you in person or over the phone or internet to cast the vision and make the ask of larger or strategic donors. We understand this type of project, the type of impact it can have, and how to communicate that in a clear and compelling way. Whether you need some online tool research, social media templates, or full blown campaign, we can handle it for you. 

Fundraising Events & Launch

One powerful way to combine further staff training and fund raising is a donor event in the finished space or a pop-up donor event. This can be a single event that we set up and run for you onsite with your staff or an on-going event that we design for you, such as a weekly pop-up in the space after masses. It is very common for us to speak for a few minutes after every mass one weekend and invite people to come after for a tasting, look at project images and renderings, and ask questions or raise concerns. Letting people "taste and see" is always effective and raises support.