Greetings SEEK 2019!!

We are so stoked to see so many college campuses represented this year and to meet so many young people desiring a life lived in mission! At Calix we have a major heart for the campus and for the college town, so we are developing some packages and programs just for you! So, here is some information and exclusive offers for you if we met you at SEEK 2019.


Set up a free 30 minute call by clicking here and tell us in the notes that we met at SEEK 2019 and you will get a second 30 minutes free! That's a full hour of consulting for free! So, if you have a vision for a place, want to know about mission opportunities, or just want to explore some ideas about how you can use our insights to connect to more people on your campus, hit us up! 

*One free call per campus.


For some time we've been trying to figure out a solution for a campus ministry to test the waters of a dedicated hospitality mission without shelling out the money to build a full shop. We've come up with a new package that will give you the equipment and training you need to use all the shared goods emobodied in coffee to earn the right to be heard with a wide range of people on the modern campus. It's perfect for an ice breaker, fundraiser, or event, but it's best as a planned and repeated context in which missionaries can get to to know people who might be to skeptical to come to a ministry event or a bible study. You get the following: 

  • Up to 5 hours of consulting on the phone or via web meeting. 
  • A custom apostolic hospitality strategy for your campus ministry. 
  • A full design for a custom brew bar layout, portable or permanent.
  • Links to a custom list of equipment, furniture, and supplies to fit your budget and project.
  • A custom menu designed for your specific campus, including signage for the table. 
  • Help selecting your initial slate of coffees to offer. 
  • An onsite visit, usually Friday-Monday, but flexible for your plans.
  • Help assembling and setting up the brew bar. 
  • Set up and calibration of all equipment. 
  • A half day retreat for your staff and volunteers
  • "What Your Ministry Can Learn From a Coffeehouse" or other talk, open to campus.
  • Training in manual brewing and apostolic hospitality for up to 10 people. 
  • A speaker at all masses and available at a table afterward for questions.
  • An event after mass on Sunday to introduce people to your new outreach. 
  • Our help behind the bar during your launch day, usually a Monday morning. 
  • 1 hour a month of phone consulting for ongoing support for 6 months.
  • *Does not include travel expense, equipment, or supplies. Only available for 10 campuses.
  • To purchase schedule a time to talk by clicking here