What is Calix? 

Calix was founded to inspire, create, and foster a network of independent coffeebars, coffeehouses, cafe/bookstores, and other hospitality spaces, built to be points of connection between Christian communities and unchurched/de-churched seekers. 

It is our firm belief that being "in relationship in community" is the ordinary beginning context for any real evangelization or discipleship. But, the right kind of relationship and community cannot come about instantly, or in a plastic programmatic kind of way. It is the fruit of repeated real encounter over time. 

After 25+ years of observing how this happens in these type of spaces, some key insights have emerged as sort of 'core method'. Calix was founded to share this method and the best practices that enable it to happen. 

The Core Method

At the center of all the interactions in a project of apostolic hospitality, from the picking of a location to the conversation with a regular that is helping sweep up, is one unfailing and underlying reality- you have to earn the right to be heard. 

This is primarily done by the connection of people in a true shared good, which at Calix we call an 'anchor good'. Anchor goods are rarely dogmatic in nature, but are usually the particular application of a principle extrapolated from a larger philosophical or theological truth. For example, the inherent dignity of man, how that precludes use, which effects how you buy coffee. 

These initial particular shared goods can grow, multiply, and over time be linked back to a principle that underlies them. Fueled by hospitality, beauty, humility, and wonder, these connections accumulate and link up. Eventually, a key moment occurs when the person serving and the person being served encounter each other as true and real goods, loved and longed for by the other. 

The is the first brush of love and the real connection of persons in relationship. As this continues to build, this relationship is extended and connected to others and community develops- a community of persons, connected in real shared goods, especially each other. This can happen while the people do not share religion, ethics, or politics. 

This community, with real regular encounter, anchored in a growing set of shared goods, culminating in the good of the other, is the context in which the desire for the infinite is awakened, a longing emerges, and the person feels safe and welcomed enough to voice it in a question. This is the context in which an answer can be heard or a seed planted. 

Your job is to lay your life down to earn this moment, to earn this right to be heard. Our job is to help you build a place that can happen. That place is called "The Box". 

The Core Model or "The Box"

At the center of our our vision is a core model called The Box. Like a 'black box' theatre or a Crossfit 'box' gym, The Box is a context, with the minimum of gear, laid out in a very particular way, to enable a certain activity, fuel a certain type of interaction, and provide a place for a prescribed set of best practices. 

The fruit of 25+ years of experience and observation, The Box can take many forms and levels of complexity. It can be built from simple tables with very humble pour over gear and can be expanded to a full bar with espresso, manual brew coffee, wine, beer, cocktails, and even an open kitchen. But, at the core of all these layouts there are two areas for two purposes- a counter to earn the right to be heard and bar seating at which to spend that right in conversation. It is a crucible for encounter. 

This basic rhythm of earning connection with anchor goods and then deepening that connection in conversation is the heartbeat of the method. If you want to know about how to do this, contact us here.