Calix creates places of real community.

In this current culture, increasingly polarized, secular, and digital in nature, persons are less and less likely to even leave their house, let alone go to church. This contentious digital existence has colored all our thoughts and interactions making it harder and harder for the Church to build the real human relationships which are the essential ground for any true evangelization or discipleship. It is this world, the emerging Post-Christendom era, the Church is called to reach in mission. This new reality needs a new set of tools, methods, insights, and contexts. For this purpose we are building Calix. 

  • To help churches, schools, campus ministries, and non-profits create places of hospitality to draw people into real human community for the sake of mission. 
  • To help the modern Church learn to face outward and create forms, events, places, and contexts in which real repeated engagement with post-church people can turn into true relationship in community. 
  • To share these insights with Christian leaders, especially young creatives and innovators.
  • To create a network of spaces to model this form of community and pass it on via internships, apprenticeships, and missionary programs.