Begin with the End in Mind

You need to know why you are building what you are building, who it is for, and how it connects with them. 

In Relationship, In Community

Evangelization and discipleship are intended to take part between persons who are in real relationship in the context of community. 

Build for the Other, As Other

If your project is going to be a context for a real missional community, you must build it for the persons with whom you desire a relationship. 

You Have to Earn the Right to Be Heard

An organic process of small repeated encounters, marked by mutual respect, kindness, and empathy, is the normal process to collapse the distance between persons and lay the groundwork for deeper conversations and relationships. 

Lead with “Anchor Goods”

The foundation of your project should be the expression of real goods shared between your community and your guests, especially the True, Good, and Beautiful. 

Live with an Awakened Desire

Reality is the kind of thing that gives itself freely if questioned with a real awakened desire, therefore the answer to disagreement is not information or apologetics, but rather living in community in a way that desire is awakened, wonder kindled, and truth discovered. 

Never Answer Unasked Questions

A real desire for reality that emerges as a sincere and seeking question is the key to understanding the answer, hence any other other answer may be misunderstood and perceived as propaganda or the imposition of ideology.  

Live the Tension of Missional Community

The missionary is one who is called out of the normal comfort of home, hearth, and tribe for the sake of the other, hence the experience of living in a missional community is not one of only comfort or safety, but also risk for the sake of love. 

For a deeper exploration of these concepts, listen to this talk given on these principles.