Site Evaluation

In missional endeavors, there are many places to start. In the modern Church, it is increasingly common to start with an unused building, space, or land and ask “What should/could we do with this?” We can help you evaluate what is possible and develop some innovative solutions to make your unused real estate mission and/or income driving. Once ideas are identified, we can help develop a plan to make that happen and introduce you to the partners and tools you will need.

Demographic Identification

Some projects struggle with whom to focus their efforts on. They know who they are and what they want to offer, but lack the understanding of who is within the reach of their project. We can help you identify target missional demographics, develop profiles, and sculpt your project to reach them. 

“Anchor Goods” Analysis

Once missional demographics are defined and profiles developed, we can help you identify the goods loved by the people you are trying to reach. Then, we can identify the real goods shared between your project and those you are trying to reach. We strongly affirm that building any outreach or mission on a firm foundation of shared goods is the best method or strategy. We call these goods common between any project and any target demographic “Anchor Goods”. 

Concept Development

Once your missional demographic and anchor goods are identified, we can help you develop a creative way to embody a community or outreach based on these, taking into account your site options, budget, limitations, and opportunities. This is the fun part. 

Strategic Planning

Once a concept is developed, based on Anchor Goods shared with your missional demographic, we can help you build a real actionable strategy to make that a reality. This can be as simple as project planning and the sharing of resources or as complicated as a long-term multi-generational mission plan for a neighborhood or city. 

Vision Casting

In the Book of Habbakuk, God tells the prophet to “Write the vision down plainly on tablets, so that all who see it may run to attain it.” The phrase “vision casting” can seem very ethereal, but you can’t get anywhere or do anything without a picture in your mind of what “done” or “there” looks like. Also, there will inevitably be people who need to buy into or support your plans, whether that be higher authorities, donors, or volunteers. They need to see the end to move them to action. We can help you flesh out that vision and communicate it. 

Brand Development

Design is the language of the modern world. It has been said that “Design is to our age what rhetoric was to the ancients.” If you are going to communicate your project's offerings or existence in a real way that will be felt, understood, and move people to action, you must take branding seriously. It is a visual and conceptual language that tells the story of who you are and why that matters. Take this seriously. Most people will encounter this aspect of your project long before they ever meet you or visit. This will be the determination of whether they are compelled to give you a try or dismiss you.

On-site Missional Training

More often than not, this way of thinking and this mode of engagement are very new to people working in ministry, especially Catholic ministry. Whether you are opening a coffeehouse, a bookstore, an urban garden, or launching a food truck night on your parking lot, we can walk your staff and volunteers through the principles of this form of mission, model the work and engagement for them, and help you launch successfully. 


Whether for creating interest in a project or a missional mode of engagement in your community, creating interest in your donor or volunteer base, or training your staff and volunteers for the project opportunities at hand, we can offer engaging talks, take part in panel discussions, or host a Q&A session. Let us help you create buzz, cast a vision, or just stir the pot a bit to gage a reaction.