After years of functioning as a for-profit consulting firm, we've taken steps to transform into a non-profit. This evolution just makes sense, given the increasingly mission-driven nature of our work. 

To this end, we have partnered with Missions of Hope, a non-profit formed to help individual missionaries and start-up apostolates. With their help, we will most likely seek our own 501c3 this year, but this partnership has allowed us to make it possible for you to support our work now and will free us from focusing on administrative tasks. Kevin and the team at MoH have been amazing, we encourage you to support their mission and consider partnering with them yourself. 

With this new freedom and solidity we will do the following:

  • continue to help parishes, schools, and campus ministries use hospitality to create community
  • develop and launch a new brew bar outreach for campus ministries
  • develop a library of online tools, downloads, and media to inspire and equip missionaries and to promote and foster apostolic hospitality projects
  • create a podcast bringing the best minds to the topic of apostolic hospitality and the modern mission of "far evangelization". 
  • spend an increased portion of our time mentoring and developing young missionaries in the trenches of the modern world, especially on campus, in college towns, and urban neighborhoods
  • send more speakers to campuses, parishes, and schools to promote a missional life, apostolic hospitality, and "far evangelization". 
  • increase our presence at conferences and events, both by speaking or presenting and with a table or booth
  • in 2020, build and develop our first prototype shop and launch an apprenticeship and missionary training program in it.
  • do all this in a more prayerful contemplative way

Please consider giving to support our work, especially on a monthly basis. This solidity helps us focus less on the profitability of projects, but rather focus on their potential impact and follow God's leading more freely.