Please support the work of Calix.

Calix is now part of non-profit called 5 Cups Inc. We have founded 5 Cups to promote missional hospitality as a solution to the problem of community in the Post-Christendom Era. This shift will allow us to initiate projects and build models instead of just responding to clients as a consulting firm. Our initial work will focus on:

  • The establishment of a national network of prototype cafes to act as models and places of formation and training.
  • The development of a new apostolate anchored in a missionary-driven staffing model that can train and form a new generation of young leaders. 
  • The creation of media resources to explore and promote missional hospitality.

5 Cups is a registered non-profit in the State of Wyoming. We are currently pursing a 501c3 and anticipate this process coming to completion by the end of March 2024. At that point all donations made before that point will be eligible for a tax deduction. If you need a guarenteed tax deduction for 2023, we have partnered with a fiscal sponsor to make that happen. Contact us for giving instructions in for our partner.