Calix is a project focused on helping the modern Church build structures and places of community and connection, especially with the unchurched and de-churched who would be unlikely to connect via traditional forms. 

Calix was founded by Andrew Whaley in 2010. We began with the design and development of hospitality spaces, primarily coffeehouses, as missional community structures, but over time our work has evolved and we have identified and developed several new types of spaces, new forms of hospitality, and new opportunities for connection. Increasingly, our work has taken on the form of larger discussions and strategy at the parish, city, or even diocesan level, especially around the issues and opportunity of unused real estate owned by the Church. 

To this end we design, build, train, and launch hospitality spaces and other forms of outward facing missional engagement, in addition to innovative forms of community incubation. Regardless of form, we help organizations create missional structures for outreach, then gather, educate, and form people to inhabit them.