Introducing: The new Calix Apostolate

For the last 11 years, Calix has been functioning largely as a small niche consulting firm. In this form we have taken part in some amazing work. We've helped design and launch missional shops all over the country and helped multiple others explore and develop concepts and plan innovative missional strategies. But, from the beginning of Calix, the dream has always been to create our own spaces, model a new way of doing and thinking about community, and to form and train persons that could go out and build these types of spaces. Finally, the day has come and we are pulling the trigger on our vision, which begins with the following: 

  • We have shifted to being a non-profit and will be seeking 501c3 immediately. 
  • We have purchased one of our favorite projects, Crux Coffee, in Lander, WY, rebooting it into the first Calix prototype, and launching our national brand of missional non-profit shops.
  • We are developing a new missionary program in the Church and will be recruiting people who want to give their life to the work of missional hospitality.
  • We are creating a new suite of media offerings, including a new long form podcast, training and formation videos, and a new blog, website, and social media outreach to spread the word about missional hospitality. 

If you would like to support the work of Calix, give to our new non-profit 5 Cups Inc. you can do so here